Painkiller Addiction: How to help yourself or a loved one.

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Painkillers are some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in America. Many people believe that prescription drugs are safer to use than street drugs because a doctor prescribes them. But that's not the case. When used inappropriately, painkillers can have serious effects on your health and can ultimately lead to death.

  • The National Institutes of Health estimates that nearly 20 percent of Americans have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.
  • Prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused drugs, falling only behind marijuana.
  • According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Director Nora Volkow, it is estimated that there are more than 4.7 million Americans dependent on prescription painkillers, which represents up to 2% of the US adult population overall, and this number continues to grow every year.

Recovering from an addiction can be a lifelong process. However, it is possible to maintain a drug-free lifestyle and it typically gets easier as time goes on. In our eBook, “Painkiller addiction: How to help yourself or a loved one”, you will learn the critical steps necessary in achieving and sustaining a drug free life, as well as the importance of a strong support system and tips for success in overcoming the addiction. You will also learn about the various treatment options including detox, rehabilitation centers, therapy and more.

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